K1 Patio Systems™

Unique, Stylish and Contemporary Patio Design


Unique to us: K1 Patio Systems™

Our K1 PATIO SYSTEMS™ DESIGNS are continuing to reach even further into the future of design, allowing us to deliver and develop exciting styles for roofs and decks for enjoyment today.

We reinvented fly over / cantilevered units over 6 years ago and with that, and many great designs since, we have pushed the boundaries even further! Our designs are forward thinking and will continue to influence designs for years to come.

The K1 SUSPENSION PATIO COVER is designed for the Australian way of life. They are big; they are sleek; and through excellent design, they leave people in awe with their seemingly endless presence. The designs for these decks and patios can be built to any size.

The K1 SUSPENSION PATIO COVER is built inclusive of floorings (wood and tile combinations), insulated roofing panels, with everything inclusive in the price, We are able to build these structures Australia wide and usually take around 8 weeks to be completed depending on your location.


K1 suspension patio systems™


These systems are truly unique and a contemporary design statement. No expense has been cut in their development to ensure these systems are engineered to perfection giving you maintanence free enjoyment and a patio that will be the centre of the conversation.

A complete12 metre x 8 metre K1 system which includes all design, decking, roofing and installation retails at $74,000 (including GST)

Stand out from the crowd and call us today on for an obligation free consultation so we can show you what YOU can acheive!




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