K1 Plated Portico

Contemporary & Stylish Portico Home Entrance way.

The K1 Plated Portico system is well ahead of it's time!

The K1 patio system Plated Portico design is simply breath taking and again, it represents the your penchant for the best and says hello, welcome to my beautiful home!

We have incorporated hard wood timbers, steel, stainless steel and insulated panels, along with funky lights to encapsulate people's imaginations. Yet again, we are designing future trends today and your investment will not age.

When we build the portico system we start from the ground up. As with all our decks and patios, we do flooring and deck as well as roof and patio

Stand out from the crowd and contact us today for an obligation free consultation so we can show you what YOU can acheive!

K1 portico roofing system

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